BEFORE YOU READ ANYTHING ELSE ON THIS PAGE,  take a deep breath, inhale, exhale, relax, and release. The first crucial step to saving your home [ stopping a foreclosure ] is understanding that you have rights [ options ]. If you are facing foreclosure the worst thing you can do at this moment is operate in a state of desperation.




If you are planning on walking away from your property, we would like to extend this opportunity to partner with you.


This program is exclusively designed Only for Property owners who no longer wish to keep making payments and have voluntarily given up a desire to continue to keep their property.


We do not want your property unless you have decided that You do not want to pay the mortgage anymore and/or do not want the property. 


Subject to: Means we will buy your property subject to the exisiting financing in place. 1] We will pay the back paymnets first to the bank to stop the foreclosure. 2] We will make the monthly payments ontime until we find a suitable buyer to purchase the property. 3] Once the property is sold we will give you a portion of the net proceed.



  • The Program.

    Our program is for Property Owners that have plans of moving out of their property or those who have already moved out.


  • The Financials.


      Our ojective is to re instate your loan and keep your

      mortgage current until we are able to stablize your

      property. In the process you may qualify for cash for
      your deed incentive.


  • Time is of the essence.


      Once your property is stablized we will have more
      time to explore options to see what will be the best

      win win situation for all parties.


Let us take over your Mortgage payments, handle repairs, and perform maintenance on your property. We can help even if you owe more on than what your home is worth.
Contact us today to discuss how we can give you Cash for your Deed and can help you to avoid Foreclosure.

Your information is confidential. By filling out this form You are not obligated to sell Your home to Relmm. Relmm does not share your information.

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  • We are not a loan modifcation company.                  


       You will not pay closing cost or commission.

       We do not charge any fees to start the process.

       We do not charge you any fees throughout the

       Cash for deed process.


  • Loan Assumptions vs Subject to.

       More than likely your loan is not assumable. We don't

       assume mortgages nor will we try to refiance your

       current mortgage. We will simply pay the note until

       we are able to sell your property.

  • Due on Sale Clause.

    99.9% of all mortgages contain this clause where the lender can request that full balance of the loan be paid in process of the property being sold.


  • What exactly do we do.

    We simply will take title to your property, "subject to".  We will make the mortgage payments until we are

    able to Sell your property to one of our investors that
    will either lease purchase your home or rent it out.


The end result is to sell your property without you having to do a shortsale or incure a foreclosure on your credit. By us making monthly payments on time will have a postive effect on your credit.



+ RELMM FTC Service Disclosure.
+ Bankruptcy - Short Sale - Subject to.

+ The Process.

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