Property for Sale | 2 BR . 2 BA


We have a nice 2 bedroom, 2 bath townhome for sale in a well established neigborhood. This property is great to either flip or hold for long term cash flow.

18,000.00 - Our Asking price. CASH. AS-IS.

  5,000.00 - Holding deposit upon contract initiation [ Non - refundable ]


     14 days or less  [ for inspection , due dilliegence period, and closing ]


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Whosale Option


  •  18,000.00 - Asking Price.

  •    5,000.00 - Estimated Repair Cost.

  •  27,500.00 - Value After Repair.

Rental Option


  •  650.00 - Average Monthly Rental Comps.

  •  150.00 - Average Monthly HOA Fees.

All data about this investment is considered to be estimated in nature and is not guauranteed.

Investors are always encourage to do their own due dilligence to insure that this is the right investment.

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