Relmm, is a Real Estate Investment Group that Buy, Fix, Flip, and Sell Properties. To date, our Investors have purchased over 2000 properties since 2013. And we have just begun.




We are a diverse and unique group of Investors.

We are mostly noticable
and defined not because we have bought and sold [ 100s ] of properties - but respectfully mostly based upon our ability to help [ 1 ] in need.


We invest in real estate simply by buying, holding, and selling real property for a profit.

Any one can buy a home or your home for the most part.

However, the most rewarding and valued investment to date is undoubtfully, " the people that we were able to help".

The look of joy upon a face of despair is priceless.

We invest in people lives by creating win - win situation.

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Knowledge is Power. Only, if One understands the door that unlocks the key. For it is not the Key that unlocks the door.

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P . O . BOX 960181
Riverdale, GA 30296

678 - 664 - 4663


678 - 664 - 4663